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guyana francese wikipedia

Other groups from Asia include East Indians, Lebanese and Vietnamese. Width: [not verified in body], During World War II and the fall of France to Nazi German forces, Félix Éboué was one of the first to support General Charles de Gaulle of Free France, as early as June 18, 1940. Built in 1969, it replaced the old harbour of Cayenne which was congested and could not cope with modern traffic. The President of France appoints a prefect (resident at the prefecture building in Cayenne) as his representative to head the local government of French Guiana. Etimología. This latter constituency is the largest in the French Republic by land area. The Forest Code of French Guiana was modified by ordinance on 28 July 2005. WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu . Questa voce sugli argomenti cantoni della Francia e Guyana francese è solo un abbozzo. 98.9% of the land territory of French Guiana is covered by forests,[3] a large part of which is primeval rainforest. It is now operated by the CNES, Arianespace and the European Space Agency (ESA). As elsewhere in France, the official language is standard French, but each ethnic community has its own language, of which French Guianese Creole, a French-based creole language, is the most widely spoken. Before European contact, the territory was originally inhabited by Native Americans, most speaking the Arawak language, of the Arawakan language family. OpenStreetMap is the free wiki world map. The soldiers fired warning shots and rubber "flash balls", but the miners managed to retake one of their boats and about 500 grams of gold. Cookies help us deliver our services. Le Republica Cooperative de Guyana (Co-operative Republic of Guyana) es un pais de America del Sud situate in le plateau del Guyanas. Guyana translation in English-French dictionary. This assembly, the French Guiana Assembly (French: assemblée de Guyane), has replaced the former regional council and departmental council, which were both disbanded. It was intended to replace the Sahara base in Algeria and stimulate economic growth in French Guiana. Inflection of Guyana (Kotus type 12/kulkija, no gradation) nominative Guyana — genitive Guyanan — partitive Guyanaa — illative Guyanaan — singular plural nominative Guyana — accusative nom. Martinique had been conquered by the British, who maintained slavery there.[9]. Guyana habitesis dal indijeni de rasi Arawak e Karib ante l'arivo dil Europani. There was some fighting among settlers. [6][7] The region still faces such problems as illegal immigration, poorer infrastructure than mainland France, higher costs of living, higher levels of crime and more common social unrest.[8]. It borders Brazil to the east and south and Suriname to the west. The territory of Inini consisted of most of the interior of French Guiana when it was created in 1930. ¹ Member of the community but not the Caribbean (CARICOM) Single Market and Economy. The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have reached the French overseas department and region of French Guiana.The first five cases were found on 4 March and the first death was announced on 20 April 2020. Guyana's current president is Irfaan Ali. The official language of French Guiana is French, and it is the predominant language of the department, spoken by most residents as a first or second language. The soil characteristics have led to the use of slash and burn agriculture. French Guiana has some of the poorest soils in the world. Half of its 290,691 inhabitants in 2020 lived in the metropolitan area of Cayenne, its capital. Guyana berbatasan dengan Suriname di sebelah timur, Brasil di selatan, Venezuela di barat, dan Samudra Atlantik di utara. There are two flights a day to Paris (Orly Airport), served by Air France and Air Caraïbes. Confina a nord con l' oceano Atlantico , a est con la Guyana francese , a sud con il Brasile e a ovest con la Guyana . Questi diversi gruppi etnici sono rimasti abbastanza distinti e isolati; ogni gruppo segue sia un proprio stile di vita che una sua cultura, anche se negli ultimi anni si è avviato un lento processo d'integrazione. In addition, a number of other local languages exist. The people identified as Lokono. Fewer than 10% survived their sentence.[11]. Franco della Guyana francese fuori corso; Stati: Guyana francese: Frazioni: 100 centime: Monete: 5 e 10 centime Banconote: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1 000 e 5 000 franchi 1, 5, 10, 50 e 100 nuovi franchi Periodo di circolazione: 1888 - 2002: Sostituita da: Euro dal 1º gennaio 2002: Tasso di cambio Agganciata a: Franco francese [12] A Portuguese-British naval squadron took French Guiana for the Portuguese Empire in 1809. Venezuela claims the land west of the Essequibo River as part of Guayana Esequiba. Guyana, oficiálním názvem Guyanská kooperativní republika (anglicky Co-operative Republic of Guyana), je stát v Jižní Americe.Jeho sousední státy jsou Brazílie, Surinam a Venezuela.Je jediným státem Commonwealthu na jihoamerické pevnině. Slavery was abolished in the colonies at the time of the French Revolution. French Guiana's main seaport is the port of Dégrad des Cannes, located on the estuary of the Mahury River, in the commune of Remire-Montjoly, a south-eastern suburb of Cayenne. In 1964, French president Charles de Gaulle decided to construct a space-travel base in French Guiana. Guiana was developed as a slave society, where planters imported Africans as enslaved labourers on large sugar and other plantations in such number as to increase the population. [17] March 28, 2017 was the day of the largest demonstration ever held in French Guiana. During the Revolution, the National Convention voted to abolish slavery in February 1794, months after the rebelling slaves had already announced the abolition of slavery in Saint-Domingue. As of the late 1990s, there was evidence of an uncontacted group of Wayampi. Frans Guyana (officieel Guyane, informeel dèks Guyane française) is 'n euverziese regio meh ouch 'n euverzies departemint vaan Fraankriek, gelege in 't noorde vaan Zuid-Amerika.In 't weste grens 't aon Suriname, in 't zuie en ooste aon Brazilië, in 't noorde aon de Atlantische Oceaon.Hoofstad en groetste plaots is Cayenne. Metadata. Other mountains include Mont Machalou (782 m, 2,566 ft), Pic Coudreau (711 m, 2,333 ft), Mont St Marcel (635 m, 2,083 ft), Mont Favard (200 m, 660 ft) and Montagne du Mahury (156 m, 512 ft). ___ French Guiana Guiana (Guyane) was an overseas department of France and is now a French region (région), located at the central northern coast of South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean in north. This page was last changed on 4 August 2020, at 06:37. French Guiana was originally inhabited by indigenous people: Kalina, Arawak, Galibi, Palikur, Teko, Wayampi and Wayana. The French Government and its agencies have responsibility for a wide range of issues that are reserved to the national executive power, such as defense and external relations. The Co-operative Republic of Guyana is a country in South America. The main Maroon groups are the Saramaca, Aucan (both of whom also live in Suriname), and Boni (Aluku). French Guiana and the two larger countries to the north and west, Guyana and Suriname, are still often collectively referred to as "the Guianas" and constitute one large landmass known as the Guiana Shield. Following a treaty between France and Brazil signed in July 2005, the Oyapock River Bridge over the Oyapock River was built and completed in 2011, becoming the first land crossing ever between French Guiana and the rest of the world (there exists no other bridge crossing the Oyapock River, and no bridge crossing the Maroni River marking the border with Suriname, although there is a ferry crossing to Albina, Suriname). Guiana procede del término amerindio tierra de muchas aguas. [citation needed], In the late 1970s and early 1980s, several hundred Hmong refugees from Laos immigrated to French Guiana, fleeing displacement after the communist takeover of Laos by Pathet Lao in 1975. After French Guiana was established as a penal colony, officials sometimes used convicts to catch butterflies. Guyana er således også medlem af Caribbean Community (CARICOM). French Guiana's highest peak is Bellevue de l'Inini in Maripasoula (851 m, 2,792 ft). The French Guiana Honor Division is the main football club tournament. [2] Social unrest in 2017 paralyzed the economy for several weeks and led to an economic recession (−1.9% in real terms), which sunk the GDP per capita that year. Regional languages include French Guianese Creole (not to be confused with Guyanese Creole), six Amerindian languages (Arawak, Palijur, Kali'na, Wayana, Wayampi, Emerillon), four Maroon creole languages (Saramaka, Paramaccan, Aluku, Ndyuka), as well as Hmong Njua. Sites of Terra preta (anthropogenic soils) have been discovered in French Guiana, particularly near the border with Brazil. Guiana procede del término amerindio tierra de muchas aguas. Guiana was designated as a French department in 1797. The country gained independence from the United Kingdom on May 26, 1966 (before which it was called British Guiana). Alla manifestazione partecipano 33 square. [2] A large part of French Guiana's economy derives from jobs and businesses associated with the presence of the Guiana Space Centre, now the European Space Agency's primary launch site near the equator. An Guyane (tawag ha Ininglis: French Guiana; Kinatsila ngan daan nga Winaray: Guyana Francesa; alternatibo nga kasurat ha Winaray: Guyana Fransesa) amo an usa ka departamento ha tabok-han-dagat ngan rehiyon ha nasod han Fransya.An prefektura o kapital hini amo an Cayenne.. An opisyal nga ngaran ha Frinanses Guyane kundi ha kadaan nga kagamit, gindugngan ini han adhetibo nga française. Durante la maggior parte dell'anno, le piogge in tutto il paese sono abbondanti a causa della presenza della Zona di Convergenza Intertropicale e delle sue potenti celle temporalesche. The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for French Guiana is .gf, but .fr is generally used instead. 5,500 plant species have been recorded, including more than a thousand trees, along with 700 species of birds, 177 species of mammals, over 500 species of fish including 45% of which are endemic and 109 species of amphibians. Regionalt anses Guyana for at være et caribisk land, eftersom det har stærke kulturelle, historiske og politiske forbindelser til andre anglo-caribiske lande. Such a district is equivalent to a county in the United States. The Guiana Amazonian Park, which is the largest national park in the European Union,[4] covers 41% of French Guiana's territory. Il torneo è stato fondato nel 1959. Almost all of French Guiana's imports and exports pass through the port of Dégrad des Cannes. [20] Located within six degrees of the Equator and rising only to modest elevations, French Guiana is hot and oppressively humid all year round. Situata entro sei gradi dall'Equatore e in aumento solo a quote modeste, la Guyana francese è calda e opprimentemente umida tutto l'anno. On 12 March 2010 a team of French soldiers and border police were attacked while returning from a successful operation, during which "the soldiers had arrested 15 miners, confiscated three boats, and seized 617 grams of gold... currently worth about $22,317". Fino all'indipendenza, la Guyana era più culturalmente unita alle isole dei Caraibi inglesi, al Suriname e alla Guyana francese. Itt található a Guyana Űrközpont. WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu ... Comuni della Guyana francese Voce principale: Comuni della Francia. [29], There is very little manufacturing. During operations as a penal colony beginning in the mid-19th century, France transported approximately 56,000 prisoners to Devil's Island. Fully integrated[according to whom?] Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The Status and Location of the Military Installations of the Member States of the European Union and Their Potential Role for the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). Several small islands are found off the coast, the three Salvation's Islands which include Devil's Island, and the isolated Îles du Connétable bird sanctuary further along the coast towards Brazil. La Caienna è situata nel nord della Guyana francese, sulla costa atlantica. Bill Marshall, Professor of Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Stirling[10] wrote of French Guiana's origins: The first French effort to colonize Guiana, in 1763, failed utterly, as settlers were subject to high mortality given the numerous tropical diseases and harsh climate: all but 2,000 of the initial 12,000 settlers died. [36] Other languages spoken include Portuguese, Hakka, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Dutch, English, and Tamil, and Caribbean Hindustani. There are also flights to Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Belém, and Fortaleza. La formula prevede che le squadre si affrontino in incontri ad eliminazione diretta in … Fino all'indipendenza, la Guyana era più culturalmente unita alle isole dei Caraibi inglesi, al Suriname e alla Guyana francese. French Guiana has a tropical rainforest climate predominant. Il dipartimento francese della Guyana francese è diviso in 22 comuni. Le Commonwealth de Dominica (do-mi-ní-ca) es un pais independente in le Mar Caribe, situate inter le insulas francese de Guadeloupe e Martinica.Nonobstante su parve superficie e population, le insula es remarcabile pro su patrimonio natural ben preservate e un ric cultura con diverse influentias.. On ha baptisate Dominica le «Insula naturistic del Caribe» pro su beltate non spoliate. There are also smaller groups from various Caribbean islands, mainly Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia as well as Dominica. [22] French Guiana has a high level of biodiversity of both flora and fauna. The region has the highest nominal GDP per capita in South America. Storia. Official name: Department of French Guiana There have been several phases launched by the French government to combat illegal gold mining in French Guiana, beginning with Operation Anaconda beginning in 2003, followed by Operation Harpie in 2008, 2009 and Operation Harpie Reinforce in 2010. Logging remains moderate due to the lack of roads, difficult climate, and difficult terrain. French Guiana also sends two senators to the French Senate. Infatti era abitata da coloni provenienti dal subcontinente indiano, da neri africani e da alcuni europei, soprattutto provenienti dalla Gran Bretagna. La Guyana francese ha un clima di foresta pluviale tropicale predominante. Though Portugal returned the region to France, it kept a military presence until 1817. [18], French Guiana has been impacted severely by the COVID-19 outbreak, with more than 1% of French Guianese testing positive by the end of June 2020.[19]. Estimates of the percentages of French Guiana ethnic composition are difficult to produce due to the presence of a large proportion of immigrants. The territory of the park covers some 33,900 km2 (13,090 sq mi) upon the communes of Camopi, Maripasoula, Papaïchton, Saint-Élie and Saül. Agriculture is largely undeveloped and is mainly confined to the area near the coast and along the Maroni River. French Guiana (French: Guyane or Guyane française) is a department of France in the Amazonia region of South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Suriname.It is governed as an overseas province of France with same rights and privileges granted to all other French departments and benefits financially from this arrangement. The French attempted to create a colony there in the 18th century in conjunction with its settlement of some Caribbean islands, such as Guadeloupe and Saint-Domingue. [32], French Guiana's population of 290,691 (2020 estimate[1]), most of whom live along the coast, is substantially ethnically diverse. It was abolished in 1946, the year that French Guiana as a whole was formally established as an overseas department of France. "The violent reaction by the garimpeiros can be explained by the exceptional take of 617 grams of gold, about 20 percent of the quantity seized in 2009 during the battle against illegal mining", said Phillipe Duporge, the director of French Guiana's border police, at a press conference the next day.[39]. Charrière stated that all events in the book are truthful and accurate, allowing for minor lapses in memory. Confini comunali della Guyana Francese. It has a very low population density, with only 3.5 inhabitants per square kilometre (9.1/sq mi). These forests are protected by a national park (the Guiana Amazonian Park), and six additional nature reserves. Logging concessions or free transfers are sometimes granted by local authorities to persons traditionally deriving their livelihood from the forest. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. Georgetown is the capital; like most of the country's settlements, it is on a flat coastal plain that goes from northwest to southeast. An asphalted road from Régina to Saint-Georges de l'Oyapock (a town by the Brazilian border) was opened in 2004, completing the road from Cayenne to the Brazilian border. Inizialmente nata come forte sull'isola di Caienna, situata alla foce dell'omonimo fiume, con l'aumento della popolazione i confini della città si sono espansi anche sulla terraferma ad est del fiume. [30], In 2017, the GDP per capita of French Guiana at market exchange rates, not at PPP, was US$18,313 (€16,218),[2] the highest in South America,[31] but only 46.7% of metropolitan France's average GDP per capita that year, and 55.5% of the metropolitan French regions outside the Paris Region.

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